Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'll tell you what's in a name

from Bookshelves of Doom: Mother names her child Reneesme Bella.

I say it could have been much, much worse. After all, the mother could have named her kid Carlisle. What kind of a name is THAT? And then, she could have added insult to injury by calling the kid Carlie, cause it's totally Carlisle + Charlie and not just a possible short form of Carlisle. Wait, wait, I've got it. The worst possible thing would have definitely been to name the kid Carlisle and then give her some middle name like Elizabeth.

(Mom, I'm totally kidding. I like being a Carlisle now that I'm a grownup. But I still think Reneesme Bella is a dumb name, and a terrible thing to visit on a baby.)

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