Thursday, October 16, 2008

Icky, angsty, and...not so bad

In the Calgary Herald: A new generation of icky, angsty, inspirational books for teens

Yeah, that headline had me worried, too. But it's not bad at all! Look:

Sure, they text and they Twitter and they play way too much Wii. But all those twitchy, tormented adolescent souls are still able to lose--and then find--themselves in the current wave of good reads.

- - -

"Sophisticated, witty, and urbane." These are adjectives usually applied to novels about high-powered women on the prowl or tell-all tomes about Washington's elite. Surprisingly, these words were lifted instead from gushy reviews about the new breed of books aimed at youth readers. Life can be treacherous and turbulent during adolescence. Raging hormones, mingled with intense social and educational pressures, are enough to make any teenager crawl under the covers and wait for the storm to pass. It takes stones and sensitivity to tackle stories about these often awkward and baffling years, and the new breed of writers has risen to the challenge in a way that is pleasing not only their audiences, but parents, librarians and school administrators alike.

The article mentions books like Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (though it spells Norah wrong) in addition to The Triumvirate That Must Not Be Named. It also has writeups of some old YA favorites, which I guess is the old generation of icky, angsty, inspirational books. A little long, but worth the read.

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