Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Meme: Five things I'm addicted to

Trisha tagged me for a fun meme: Five things I'm addicted to. I will probably fall saunter vaguely downwards a little bit in your esteem after you read this, but to know me and my bad pop-culture taste is to love me.

1. Solitary. Without a doubt, this is the scariest reality show on television. It's nauseating, mind-bending, and completely draws you in from the beginning. Concept: Nine people live in total isolation in 10x10 pods. We're talking no books, no music, no human contact, not even a picture on the wall. Their environment is controlled by Val, an omnipotent computer who is responsible for the distribution of food, light, sleep, and seemingly impossible, torturous tests. Sleep-deprived and hungry, contestants have to do mentally and physically demanding tasks like making a formation of 400 dominoes without knocking any of them over until the last one is in place. Contestants may quit at any time by pushing a red button located underneath Val, and what's sort of neat to watch and contemplate is the fact that no one can make a contestant quit except him/herself. If this show is half as difficult as it looks, I wouldn't last three hours.

Watch all three seasons on Hulu and follow the TWoP discussion

2. My Butler Bag. This is seriously the best damn purse ever made. I don't know about the rest of you, but my cell phone never rings unless I'm driving, and I can always find my iPod except when I want to listen to it, and the shade of lipstick I pull out of my purse (you can usually find me carrying 3-5 shades at any given time) is never the one I'm wearing. And I really hate how gum always gets squished and gross at the bottom of my bag. This bag solves all those problems. Butler Bags come with their insides all nicely compartmentalized so you never have to go digging in your bag to find what you're looking for. They're also made of very good quality leather, the kind that starts stiff and crinkles and gets softer as you use it. I have the Hybrid bag, and it's big enough to hold all the crap I usually carry around plus two paperback (or one hardcover) books, AND my #3 addiction...

3. My Samsung NC-10 netbook. It's not that I don't love my 15" MacBook Pro, it's that a 15" MacBook Pro weighs six pounds and is kind of large and doesn't have the world's best battery life. I'm hoping to do a little more traveling this year and need a laptop that was more portable than my MBP, but I didn't need (or want) one with lots of bells and whistles. My Samsung, which is pink and named Mimi, came with Windows XP, 1GB of RAM (which I upgraded to 2GB), 3 USB ports, an SD card reader, and a 160GB hard drive. I think the keyboard is sized at 92 or 93 percent, and all the keys are where you'd expect them to be, which is often a concern when buying a netbook. (There are both right and left Shift keys, and the Enter button is sized larger than the letter keys, etc.) Did I mention it's pink? It's PINK.

4. Guitar Hero: Metallica. Yes, I know it won't be out until the 29th, but I love it just based on the song listing. Metallica! Motorhead! It's the greatest hits of mullet rock! On the nights when I look at my pile of YA books and just don't feel like reading any more, I put in GH3: Legends of Rock and am working my way through five-starring every song on Hard. (Coming soon: a post on What Makes for a Good Guitar Hero Player. Hint: Years of piano lessons help.)

5. Jo Malone perfume. If you've never seen me wearing my glasses, you probably don't know that I have really, really bad eyesight. I've been wearing glasses since kindergarten and it wasn't until fairly recently that optical companies made soft contact lenses in a power strong enough for me to wear. In compensation for this poor eyesight, I have really good hearing and a good sense of smell. I love learning about and sampling different kinds of perfume, and Jo Malone is one of the best, imo, in terms of throw, not drying down to an icky chemical scent that's impossible to wash off. Today I'm wearing Sweet Lime and Cedar, but I also love Pomegranate Noir and Blue Agava and Cacao. The best thing about Jo Malone? Travel candles. Why didn't I think of that?

If you see this and you'd like to participate, consider yourself tagged (especially if you're Liz or Melissa).

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