Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hungry new fans?

You know what makes me smile about this piece? The fact that it's at Bloody Disgusting. Here's a site dedicated to blogging all there is about horror and science fiction movies, movies not targeted to teens, and they're excited about the Hunger Games movie. While I'd ask if they were really sure that it was Stephenie Meyer who made movie house execs take notice of The Hunger Games (a book with a 200,000 first printing went unnoticed by movie execs? Really?), I'm a little squee at the fact that these jaded horror movie fans are excited about a YA book and its future movie.

I know some people will question the blogger's enthusiasm coming for a "Battle Royale meets Running Man" book, rather than it coming for The Hunger Games on its own merits, but that's ridiculous. Selling The Hunger Games as "Battle Royale meets Running Man" is simply good reader's advisory and a good way to draw new readers to the book, and maybe the genre.

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