Monday, August 25, 2008

Sandy Clawstrophobia

The reason I don't talk much about movies, in this blog or to anyone else, is because I'm not that big a movie watcher. And when you don't watch a lot of movies, you feel like you don't have an "acceptable" answer to the question of what your favorite movie is. My friends and family all have really cool favorite movies. My sister's favorite movie is Run Lola Run. My mom's favorite movie is The Day the Earth Stood Still. My husband's favorite movie is Star Wars.

My favorite movie depends on who I'm talking to. If I'm talking to someone I have to impress with my intelligence and worldliness, I tell him/her that my favorite movie is Do the Right Thing. If it's someone who I know fairly well, however, or someone that I know won't judge me for my tastes, I tell him/her that my favorite movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas. Thing is, I like both these movies equally. I've enjoyed all the Spike Lee movies I've seen, and all the Tim Burton movies. I know they're about as different as one person's favorite movies can get, but they're my favorites and I'm sticking with them. When you're not sure what a person will think of you when you reveal your favorite movie to him/her, you always go with the more "intelligent" of the picks, yes? I have always found The Nightmare Before Christmas to be witty and fun, but if you tell someone you don't know that it's your favorite movie, their probable reaction will be, "Isn't that a kids' movie?" Yes, just like Harry Potter is a kids' book.

This message brought to you by my enormous happiness at the release of the 2-disc collector's edition DVD of The Nightmare Before Christmas. Because if you can't sing your love for Tim Burton loud and proud, life is no good.

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