Saturday, August 2, 2008

Amazing authors: Pete Hautman

It's the time of year when I make my rounds of BCCLS libraries that are participating in Talk It Up!. This year, I went to Rutherford, Maywood, Franklin Lakes, Ridgefield Park, Ridgefield, and Nutley. They all seem to have enthusiastic participants and the leaders have chosen some excellent books, and I'm thrilled for all of them. Today's story is from Ridgefield.

This is Ridgefield's first year participating in Talk It Up!. They have an enormous group who really seem to enjoy their time at the library. When I was there, the book of the week was Kiki Strike by Kirsten Miller, and next week's book was Invisible by Pete Hautman. I was talking with Lisa, the children's librarian, about the book choices, acquiring copies, etc., and she told me something that nearly made me fall over: She had gone to Baker & Taylor's website to order copies of Invisible and found they were out of stock. She emailed Pete Hautman to let him know...

...and he sent a box of 20 paperback copies of Invisible, plus author pamphlets, to the Ridgefield Library.

I know not all authors can do this, for many reasons (and please don't spam authors asking for similar favors), but Pete Hautman, if you ever read this, thank you for your support of Talk It Up! and a BCCLS library. It was supremely awesome of you to do this.

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