Thursday, August 21, 2008

Presentation available: Trends in YA Lit

I was born without the fear of public speaking. I may have other fears, but I fully embrace speaking to a crowd of people. So you can imagine how thrilled I was to be invited to a multi-district librarians' workshop in eastern PA. I get to talk to a group about YA lit! I promised the librarians there that I would make my Powerpoint presentation, as visually dull as it was (I don't like Powerpoint), available online.

During my two-hour presentation, I talked about current and upcoming trends in YA lit, hot books and authors, reaching reluctant readers, and social networking. It was a lot to cram into 2 hours and I could have talked for 6, but I had a great time anyway and I think the audience did too. For those who are interested, you can view the presentation via Google Documents: Trends in YA Lit (and how to make them work for you). Anyone is welcome to use part or all of the presentation, but I would greatly appreciate your asking my permission first.

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