Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy trails, Karen Breen!

I've known this news for over a week, but now that it's in SLJ I feel like I can talk about it in this blog: Karen Breen is leaving Kirkus Reviews.

I've been a reviewer of children's and YA books for Kirkus for a little over a year now, with Karen as my editor. Thanks to the wonders of GTalk I've had the opportunity to chat with Karen about things other than books. I have decided, along with Diana Tixier Herald and Cindy Eagan, that Karen is on my list of People I Would Like to Be When I Grow Up. (Yes, technically, I am a grownup, but I think we should all have aspirations all our lives, don't you?). I'll also admit that I'm terrified of her! How else should you feel about the children's book editor of what you consider one of the best review journals out there? Karen is a force to be reckoned with and I hope to see her around ALA conventions in the future.

Karen, should you read this, thank you for all your guidance and the opportunity to review some terrific books. I wish you the best.

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