Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Read my advice in the Summer YALS

Young Adult Library Services (YALS) is the quarterly print journal of YALSA, and it's sent to all members of YALSA in good standing. One of the features YALS runs every issue is the "YA Q&A: Expert advice on tough teen services questions." I answered those tough questions for the Summer 2009 YALS on the subject of reviewing. I was inspired to submit an idea for this section because so many of my newer librarian colleagues and the library students I've lectured ask how I got the jobs I have reviewing for Kirkus and VOYA. This month, I spill it all. The questions I answer include:

  • How do I get a reviewing gig at a professional journal?
  • What are the elements of a great professional book review?
  • What are the words and phrases I should avoid when writing reviews?
Although the journal is for librarians, you don't have to be one to get inspired to write more stylish, elegant, and snappy reviews. I know that reviews can take on many forms and are written for different audiences, but I hope that perhaps some of you who are not and do not write for librarians can find useful tips for your own blog work.


Cynthia said...

Please consider publishing your article in a non-ALA format. I am a new librarian and can not afford to be a member of ALA, let alone any of the sub-groups. I would love to see the article. Thanks

ilefkowitz said...

Anyway we can get a hold of the article outside of the journal? Will it be avail on the YALSA site?

Carlie Webber said...

Cynthia and Ilene, I'd be happy to send you my extra copy of YALS. It's not available online. Unfortunately, I cannot reprint it here because YALSA owns the copyright. I can probably take some of the high points and restate them here, though, as long as I don't use all the same words.

Jenny!!! said...

I just checked my library and our EBSCO and eLibrary databases subscribe to YALS. Perhaps you could check your local library and see if one of the databases does the same thing? It saves on shipping and it's all legal! :) I'm assuming that the article will be published in the upcoming edition of YALS? Will that be in August?

Cynthia said...

Thanks Carlie for the offer and Jenny for the tip! I am sure that RU libraries subscribe and will check MPOW tomorrow.

Maggie Stiefvater said...

Ohhh, lessons in good reviewing should be disseminated in twitter format all over the blogosphere. because . . . damn. Sorry for the swear, but seriously -- an excellent review is challenging to write, but a serviceable one should not be.