Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Comparing apples and pineapples much?

The dumbest thing I've seen today: Calling Harry Potter and Twilight fans: debaters needed for the ultimate lit geek series showdown.

Wanted: Potter-heads and Twi-hards ready to defend their series in a Harry Potter versus Twilight showdown.

I swore to myself I wouldn't do this, but the handwriting is on the wall: fans of both sets of books are snarking at each other continually already, and I love nothing better than a good old fashioned knock-down, drag-out over the merits, inconsistencies, brilliance, or utter juvenille stupidity of a piece of literature, so who am I to stand in the way of fate?

I'll tell you who you are. I'll tell you that you're one to stand in the way of a "debate" that compares two books that have nothing in common except they're both long, they're both published as YA, and they're both bestsellers. What's there to debate about? The books are two different genres. They take place in two different worlds. They're told in two different styles of narration. They have two different themes. Debating which is "better?" You might as well debate "Which is better: Peanut butter or chicken salad?" They both go on sandwiches, but beyond that, what is there to argue? And what, exactly, is to be derived from this "showdown?"

Fail, Newark Examiner. The concept of a book debate is good, but your choices for said debate are bad.

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