Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Speak Out, Siobhan Vivian, super amazing

It's Talk It Up! and Speak Out! season, so I'm making the rounds of some of our libraries to see how their groups are going. The staff of the Rutherford Public Library was kind enough to invite me to Speak Out! last night, where they were reading A Little Friendly Advice and had author Siobhan Vivian as their guest.

Heads up, librarians: Author events are never a bad thing. Never. There were 14 teens and 4 librarians crammed into a room, all having a fabulous time talking about Siobhan's book and hearing about her writing career. I got one teen to check out Boy Toy and talked with others about their lives and YA lit as they waited for Siobhan to sign their books and take pictures. All the participants were enthusiastic, smart, and generally a credit to teens everywhere. The Rutherford Public Library is lucky to have such a great group.

If this is not the cutest, most wonderful picture in the entire world, I don't know what is:

Picture a whole evening like that! It rocked so hard.

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