Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Agentarilly Blonde

Confessions of an Unemployed Librarian is no more! I have rejoined the ranks of the working. But not as a librarian.

I've started work as an assistant at the Jane Rotrosen Agency. Publishing, as many know, has been a longtime interest of mine, and I am very blessed to have found a position in a literary agency that in the long term will teach me how to take on my own clients and guide them to great careers. In the short term, I'll be responsible for filing, reading queries, tracking submissions, and all kinds of other duties that help to keep an agency running. Glamorous? No, but it's needed and I'm a no-task-is-too-small sort of worker. I firmly believe that getting really good at doing the small things makes learning the big things that much easier.

So what does that mean for this blog?

1. I'm going on hiatus for at least three months as I get into the swing of things at my job. The reading needs of an agent are very different from that of a librarian and I'm trying to balance it so that I get the big titles in my realm of knowledge while still providing the best service I can to our clients. (Translation: Their manuscripts come before my reading the book that won last year's Printz.) Also? I am EXHAUSTED, both mentally and physically. This is a welcome and anticipated, but taxing, shift in my life. Or, as my life's motto has always been: Work hard, play hard, sleep hard.

2. A change of pace and theme when I return. I'll be reading and enjoying YA, of course, along with our agency's clients. Maybe I'll do query readings for YA and women's fiction. Maybe I'll find the next Tom Clancy. Who knows?

3. But I will quickly answer your agency-specific questions:

  • Yes, you can submit your query as per agency guidelines. The agency is interested in, and I quote from our web page, "romance, mystery, suspense, thriller, women's fiction, memoirs, and YA." On a more personal note, I can say that while I adore the YA authors we currently represent, we are always looking for more to join the agency family.
  • Yes, you can direct it to me. I cannot make any guarantees other than "I will read your query."
  • Yes, I'd be happy to talk to groups of librarians, teachers, or students about what I do. Contact me via email or twitter (carliebeth).


tanita davis said...

:small shriek:
CONGRATULATIONS, CARLIE! YAAAAY for you! I will share your good news with the unagented in my writing group with great joy. Yay! A REAL READER in such a position makes me giddy. Cheers!!

Nancy said...

Congratulations, Carlie! I'll be looking forward with interest to your thoughts from your new place in the book business.

-Nancy Werlin

Leigh Anne Vrabel said...

Congratulations on a wonderful new direction for your life and career! I'll be in touch with my Amish urban fantasy paranormal romance after NaNo. ;)

Seriously, so proud of you. Many blessings, and all the love in the world.


Hallie said...

Yay! Be sure to report in on the fun as much as on the crazy (within the limits of confidentiality, of course)!

tbrosz said...

Speaking as someone who has already benefited from your editing skills, I'd say your new employers have made a great choice. Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome news! Congratulations!


Liz B said...

so happy for you!

ilefkowitz said...

That is GREAT news Carlie. So happy for you.