Friday, May 1, 2009

What I write that isn't a blog entry

It's been a crazy, absent week around here because of the New Jersey Library Association conference, where I developed an authorcrush on Chris Krovatin, but I'm back and book reviews are coming! First, though, you can check out what I've been writing when I haven't been preparing for the conference (or reading, or working on my book, or...)

This week, I made my final post for ForeWord Magazine's Shelf Space blog: They're evil! They're brilliant! They're reviewers! Professional reviews are an important but often misunderstood part of collection development. I interviewed Linda Benson from VOYA and Vicky Smith from Kirkus about the people and processes behind professional reviews.

I also have an article in the May 1 issue of School Library Journal: The Original Handhelds: Magazines that teens can't resist. Don't tell anyone, but I actually had fun researching this article because I got to go to Barnes and Noble and sit in the cafe while paging through a stack of glossy magazines. Many thanks go to Laura Leonard of the Hillsdale Public Library, Sophie Brookover of Eastern Regional High School, and Kimberly Paone of the Elizabeth Public Library for their advice and anecdotes on magazines.

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