Monday, September 22, 2008

And when you're gone we want you all to know we'll Carrie on

Headline: Harper Collins Publishers signs Candace Bushnell for "The Carrie Diaries." The article cites that Carrie Bradshaw in high school was not the stylish, confident Carrie of "Sex and the City."

THIS interests me, because Carrie sounds a little like me. Obviously I'm not a writer with a taste for Blahniks, but people look at me now and assume I was popular and outgoing in high school. Outgoing yes. I'm extraverted, it's just a natural thing. But popular? No, not really. I had friends and boyfriends but I didn't really party. I am funny and a little sarcastic now, but in high school I just said dumb things most of the time. Also, women in my family are genetically blessed in the way that we get more attractive as we get older. My mother at 56 is most often described as "striking." I didn't really fit into my face until I was 27 or so, and now I can finally work it. Style? I had it in high school. and I have it now, but the two are different things. Winding back to the original topic, I am VERY interested in seeing these books. As an adult I'm fifty percent Miranda and fifty percent Charlotte, but I wonder if I'd have been a percentage Carrie back in high school.

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