Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Galleys: They're the new "So, you come here often?"

From my favorite blog to love and hate, Gawker: Getting Laid with Book Galleys.

I always seem to have a galley with me. Between my reviewing gigs plus what I get from publishers (thank you, thank you, thank you!!) I'm usually reading something that won't be out for a couple of months. Gawker, however, only mentions galleys of adult novels. So that makes me wonder:

Do children's galleys hold the same amount of intrigue as adult galleys? To be fair, I don't see any galley of any children's book standing up to the OMGWANT of the upcoming Chuck Palahniuk to anyone over 21. But I have to wonder: Would a galley of a YA novel hold even more mystique than a galley of an upcoming adult novel? Because not only would there be the mystique of "how did she get a galley?" there would be the mystique of "how did she get a galley of a book by an author I've never even heard of?" Would the relative lack of knowledge about YA that the general book-reading adult population, and certainly the Gawker-reading population, has make the reader of the YA galley even seemingly harder to get?

Okay, so the answer is "probably not." It's fun to wonder, though.

Editing to add:
It seems the New York Observer is all over this, too: The Status Galley: How to pick up girls with the new Roth. Still doesn't answer my question about YA galleys, though.

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