Saturday, November 17, 2007

What my life looks like right now, in numbers

Number of... reviews I have to write tonight: 3 reviews I have in my queue total: 6
...hours of sleep a night I'm averaging: 6 (which is fine for some people, but I'm one of those people that requires 9)
...days in a row my Sidekick has failed to charge properly: 2
...days until I leave for vacation: 2
...books I have to add to the final section of the book I'm writing: 10
...books on my desk: 5
...times I've kicked myself for not buying Hannah Montana tickets when I had the chance: A lot
...miles I'm going to try to run tonight, straight: 2.25 (if it stops raining)

On the bright side, my favorites (Jenah and Heather) are still on America's Next Top Model and it looks like this will be a good season for Project Runway.

Supernatural on tonight, w00t! I don't know who the producers are trying to fool, because we know Sam and Dean aren't going to die, but the return of Gordon the Villain will be cool to watch.

I'm off for a week, but if you get the chance you should try to watch Numb3rs next Friday night. Most of the ep will take place at a comic con and apparently the set designers build a scale model of the San Diego Comic-Con to film on. Plus, Wil Wheaton will guest star as a comic book artist. I was hoping Neil Gaiman would be cast as himself because a number of comic artists are appearing as themselves, but Neil plus David Krumholtz in one frame would just be way too much curly hair for one show to handle.

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